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THE FOUNDING COllaborative Community of Trainers

Our relationship with a community of collaborative trainers is what truly makes DM (10 Strong) unique, in that each collaborative trainer has the ability to lead conversations with their own respective organizations. Each of them have extensive knowledge and expertise in various forms of violence, some of which have more than one focus area. If you'd like to make contact with them directly, please feel free to do so. You may also contact Difference Makers (10 Strong) to reach them and we'll gladly make the connection. We are all here to assist you and your community. One mission, changing culture - stronger together!

Ashley Bendiksen -

Newport, RI

(Owner and Founder/Ashley Bendiksen LLC)


Dominique Waltower -

San Diego, CA

(Owner and Founder/Inspire Perspective)


Edward Wilson -

Las Vegas, NV

(Owner and Founder/Words of West)


Eric Barreras -

Gilroy, CA

(Founder/Difference Makers -10 Strong)


Timothy Jones -

Pittsburgh, PA

(Owner and Founder/Colorful Voices)


In April of 2020, Difference Makers (10 Strong) welcomed some new collaborative partners to the team! Strong and getting Stronger! Each of them have extensive experience and knowledge that will expand our mission moving forward and allow us to learn from one another. One mission, changing culture - stronger together!

Nicole Head Shot.jpeg


Andrea McKie -

Washington D.C.

(Founder/Sisters in Arms Empowerment Movement)


Anna Nasset -

Mad River Valley, VT

(Founder, Stand Up Resources)



Hali Picciano -

San Antonio, TX


Kendall Alaimo -

Chicago, IL




Los Angeles, CA

(CEO, Girls Fight Back)



Suzanne Isaza -

East Coast

(Founder and Director, Sexual Assault Advocacy Network/Incest Aware)


Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton -

Columbia, SC

(CEO and Founder, Consulting Experts & Associates/Hush No More)


Donna Bartos -

Peoria, AZ

(CEO & Founder, Bloom365)


Bindu Oommen Fernandes  -

Fremont, CA 


Courtnee Downs  -

West Palm Beach, FL


Tanya Jones  -

Harrisburg, NC

Owner and Founder/Interactive Advocacy


Rashan Legard  -

Columbus, OH

Founder/Rashan Legard Speaks LLC

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