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In today’s world, having discussions that revolve around ending sexual harassment, misconduct and various forms of physical and sexual misconduct, violence and abuse are not only necessary – but extremely challenging. DM (10 Strong) and its collaborative training partners believe that effective change is possible through meaningful conversations. We fully understand how to develop and create the right approach for each community. We are diverse, passionate, experienced and totally committed to improving the culture in communities we’re privileged enough to serve. Our professional backgrounds in criminal investigations, social-work services and advocacy – coupled with some of our personal experiences with victimization helps us steer change using a multi-disciplinary lens and innovative approach. With each conversation, we learn as much as we share. We don’t claim to have all the answers. We do however lead discussions in such a way that those in the room find answers themselves, thus inspiring them to be Difference Makers in their respective communities, and more importantly in their own unique ways. Anyone can be a Difference Maker. Our primary mission is to cultivate Difference Makers across the globe, because everyone plays a pivotal role in changing culture.


DM 10 Strong and its community of collaborative trainers have identified virtues that we have in common, and will put into practice as we embark on our journey to change culture. It's our verbal commitment to ourselves, to one another and more importantly - to everyone we're privileged enough to serve.

Respect – respect for self, respect for others.

Innovation – always seeking unique and innovative approaches that lead to change.

Humility – embracing the opinions of others and always being teachable.

Authenticity – allowing our true selves to shine, simply being us.

Kindness – generous and considerate of others both internally and externally.

Empathy – understand and value the feelings of others.

Teamwork – continuously seeking efficient and effective ways to collaborate.

Adaptability – ability to adjust to the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

Integrity – remaining honest and true to our moral principles.

Dependability – reliable and trustworthy to ourselves and those we serve.


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