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Is Our Last year!

Over the past five years we were blessed with opportunities to steer change in a multitude of ways, and forge relationships with likeminded individuals and organizations who shared the same vision of minimizing  various forms of harassment, abuse and violence - to the greatest extent possible. Our collaborative work ethic, diverse backrounds, varied expertise, and passion for meaningful change is what set us apart from other trainers, programs and prevention strategies. What we learned along the way is that those qualities don't have to fade away, just because DM (10 Strong) is coming to an end. The same collaborative spirit and core values we agreed upon from the beginning will remain in tact as we branch out and continue making a difference in the lives of others. We've created our ripple and now it's time to observe the effects. We hope that means others are insipired to create their own ripples. That was always our game plan. 

To everyone who supported us along the way -  thank you! We could not have done it without OUR shared vision and desire for change. The DM community of collaborative trainers will still continue their inspiring work through their own respective programs. Please continue to lean on them for support as you move forward. 

-Eric Barreras

Founder, DM (10 Strong)

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